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Shaft lighting

– fully configurable on site according to brightness requirements
– can be switched on/off everywhere in the shaft
– minimum installation effort

The shaft light consists of one bus cable onto which 3W LED sports (24V supply) with switching function can be clipped at any intervals.

Depending on the shaft cross-section, one or two spots are required per meter in order to achieve an illumination pursuant to EN81-20. The spot basically consists of an R50 button with corresponding equipment of LEDs. The button function allows you to switch the entire lighting on/off at any spot.

The supply consists of a 24V power adapter with downstream electronic impulse relays. 25 spots approximately require a power of 60W. Only one hole must be drilled to hang up the power adapter and the cable.

Maße / Dimensions:

LED-Beleuchtung /                   LED lighting:

Netzteil / Power adapter:

Anklips-Technik der LED Leuchte / Clip-on technique of LED: